Shaina Magdayao denies replacing Angelica Panganiban

12 Jan – Shaina Magdayao recently clarified reports that she was the replacement for Angelica Panganiban in new drama, "Asintado".

According to Push, the actress, who appeared at the press conference of the said drama recently, stated that while Panganiban was originally cast in a soap called "Victims of Love" with Julia Montes and Paulo Avelino, her new drama with the two actors are not one and the same.

"That was actually the first question that I asked when they were pitching it to me, because I want to be careful and know what I am getting in," she said.

Magdayao was told that the other show was launched two years ago but was not taped. Instead they did a thorough overhaul and changed the plot.

"They did offer the role to someone else, but not Angelica. When it didn't materialise, they pitched it to me as they make more changes. So you can say that it's no longer the same role," she said.

In the new drama, Magdayao plays the role of the antagonistic Samantha del Mundo, who tries to eliminate her love rival (played by Julia Montes) without realising she's her own sibling.

(Photo source: Starmometer)