SGAG launches TV platform, Nubbad TV, with comedy series about bumbling neighbourhood watch

Teng Yong Ping
Lifestyle Editor
The cast of Nubbad TV web series Neighbourhood Watch Task Force.

Popular Singaporean meme creator, SGAG, has rebranded its YouTube channel as a platform for a new TV series platform called Nubbad TV.

The name Nubbad TV is jokingly derived from SGAG’s humorous videos being perceived as not very good but “not bad” by viewers.

The first show launched by Nubbad on 30 April is a comedy web series, Neighbourhood Watch Task Force (NWTF), which follows a group of bumbling residents who are determined to rid their estate of crime and other undesired behaviour.

So far, three episodes of NWTF, ranging in length from 10 minutes to 12 minutes, have been released. The show has a mockumentary style similar to American sitcoms such as The Office and Modern Family.

NWTF’s director, Cheng Chai Hong, who previously made the web series Average Guys, said, "With Nubbad TV and NWTF, we want to tell Singaporean stories – ridiculous ones; moving ones, but no matter what, always staying honest and authentic. We wanted to tell these stories through methods and formats that haven't fully been explored locally. Nubbad TV really is our attempt at pushing out progressive and entertaining content for the digital world. We want to be the first to introduce audiences to new Singaporean shows and ideas, rather than play catch up to the rest of the world."

From what we’ve seen, NWTF’s deadpan style of humour is pretty funny, though some of its jokes could be executed better.

A second show by Nubbad is Dumb Debates, which features a panel debating on nonsensical issues such as what you would want your salary to be if you had to receive it in the form of goods.

NWTF drops a new episode every Tuesday night at 9pm, while Dumb Debates releases episodes every Thursday night.

Here’s the first episode of NWTF:

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