SG54: Brands that are celebrating National Day with fun offerings

Chilli crab textiles by Reckless Ericka. (PHOTO: Reckless Ericka)

SINGAPORE — If you’re going to go all out this National Day in red and white from head-to-toe, why not throw in other splashes of colours too?

Local brand Reckless Ericka is dishing out a spicy ‘Chilli Crab’ capsule collection (above), where you can opt for the full circle skirt or midi dresses. The collection features three textile designs, juxtaposed against lively geometrical shapes, inspired by iconic Peranakan tiles found on traditional shop houses in Singapore. The price range is from S$119 to $149 for crop tops and blouses, and S$249 to S$349 for dresses.


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HUGO Merlion T-shirt. (PHOTO: HUGO)

Fashion label HUGO has launched a cool Merlion T-shirt that’s retailing at S$99, with only 350 limited pieces for sale. Not only that, with every purchase of their Merlion T-shirt, you get to bring home a Merlion Tote.

Bata National Day edition. (PHOTO: Bata)

Instead of wearing your heart on your sleeve, you could wear it on your shoes? Bata releases a National Day edition of the classic North Star ladies Canvas Sneaker, adorned with red hearts for its 'My Bata, My Singapore' collection.

RABEANCO Lucia boxy shoulder satchel. (PHOTO: RABEANCO)

RABEANCO has a cute Lucia boxy satchel, S$330, that’s good enough to store your mini-fan, wallet, handphone and keys while you’re out and about enjoying the National Day rally.

Pomelo mini side draped v-neck dress. (PHOTO: Pomelo)

Paint the town red in Pomelo’s foxy knee-length dress with a side-draped, S$49.

Furla Lady M. (PHOTO: Furla)

When you think of dark reds, we think of sipping red wine in the Mediterranean - Furla launches this colour-blocking Lady M tote that’s guaranteed to make heads spin.

Goldheart gold charms. (PHOTO: Goldheart)

Jewellery brand Goldheart is launching the Singapore Icons Charms collection, with cute charm collectibles: Chilli Crab, Singapore Sling, Kopi & Kaya charms, Orchid and national flowers, Merlion, cherubic Samsui woman and beaded slippers. We just want it all.

SIA Batik Journal by Collins. (PHOTO: Collins Debden)

Stationary label Collins Debden, partners with Singapore Airlines to introduce a bespoke, heritage-rich SIA Batik Journal By Collins. The inspiration behind the design comes from the symbolisms of batik and the aesthetics that is reminiscent of The Singapore Girl’s signature sarong kebaya.