'Sex Education 4' is coming! Here are some possible plotlines

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26 Sep 2021: 'Sex Education 4' is coming! Here are some possible plotlines

At TUDUM: A Netflix Global Fan Event, Netflix Saturday announced that its uber-popular drama Sex Education will be back for another season. This news comes just days after the third series dropped on the platform, immediately winning over the internet because of its story, character developments, and representations. Now that a new season is being cooked, here is how it could possibly pan out.

Fact: 'Sex Education' has been officially renewed for Season 4!

New school?: Moordale Secondary is no more, so the students might split

As seen in the last season, Moordale Secondary is going to shut down due to the lack of donors. Now, the students will have to hunt for new schools to complete their education. This might mean our usual gang of students will split. Hence, S04 will feature possibly multiple new schools, new faces, and admittedly, new sexual travesties and struggles.

Endgame: Otis and Maeve finally get to date without major disruptions

Proving our hypothesis right, Maeve and Otis went through a radio silence phase in S03 because they never made up (blame Isaac and his voicemail deletion). But the pair did confess their feelings for each other so we might find them dating in peace (for once) in the upcoming season. Although, this could happen only after Maeve gets back from her foreign study opportunity.

Self discovery: Adam discovers himself after breaking up with Eric

If there was any character who grew significantly this season, it was Adam. We saw him try and be a better version, although he was left heartbroken by the end. After Eric breaks up with him, we might see Adam focusing on his personal growth with the help of Rahim (who seemingly got quite close to Adam last season).

Consequences: Eric will realize his decisions might not have been correct

Eric, who has consecutively broken hearts these last two seasons, might be at the end of some grave realization of the consequences of letting people go easily. Another character we came to love in S03 was the most popular girl in school, Ruby. With her vulnerabilities out now, she will only open up more. Also, we'll find out who's the father of Jean's baby.

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