How to setup a space themed bedroom in easy ways

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How to setup a space themed bedroom in easy ways
How to setup a space themed bedroom in easy ways

26 Aug 2021: How to setup a space themed bedroom in easy ways

As children, we all dreamt that our bedroom be quipped with best toys and decorated with a perfect theme, just like in the movies. If you have any unfulfilled aspiration with regards to your bedroom, let us fix that for you. Here are some easy and cool ways to transform your bedroom into a chunk from the outer space.

#1: The accent wall: Choose between wallpaper or painting

In a space inspired theme, the accent wall is generally decorated with remarkably realistic wallpapers of the outer space or are hand painted space designs. If you are doing it all by yourself, simply paint the whole wall with a dark blue color with stars across the wall. Stick posters of space suits and cut-outs of planets for a 3D effect.

#2: The rocket shelf: Stock it up with favorite toys, books

Now after the accent wall is done, you can easily figure out what furniture to keep and where. You can find a corner and paint a rocket with white paint. Drill holes and add white wooden shelves inside it. Place small space toys, collectibles or your favorite books on the shelves. Your rocket book shelf is ready to fly high.

#3: Color coordinate the furniture, choose dark colored materials

Coming to the bed and the upholstery, use dark colored materials in order to match the theme. Paint the headboard of the bed black (or any dark color) and keep the other furniture coordinated. The matching furniture will bind all the elements of your room together and make it look perfectly awe-inspiring and a part of the outer space. Ready for flight?

#4: Use a grey carpet, the color will enhance the look

Use a grey carpet for the floor. Cover the whole floor area with that carpet. It is easily available at affordable prices at any popular market. Measure the size of the room and with a carpet adhesive, stick the carpet meticulously on the floor. The grey color will add to the theme and will also enhance the look and class of the room.

#5: Final setup: Include everything that is "Space" to you

Install everything that says "Space" to you: Astronauts, space ships, aliens. Take up DIY projects for your room to fill up the empty spaces. And decorate the outside of your door with a full size rocket painting, write a simple message related to fantastic space adventures. Additionally, you can install ceiling lights and night glowing stars to complete the setup.

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