Seth Meyers Baffled by Biden Polling Behind Trump as Dems Win Kentucky and More: ‘What the F– Is Going On?’ (Video)

Democrats saw some major victories in off-year state elections this week, notching wins in places like Virginia, Kentucky and Pennsylvania. And Seth Meyers is deeply confused by how that squares with Joe Biden polling behind Donald Trump.

Most notably, the topic of abortion rights was at the heart of several of these elections, and in each one, voters overwhelmingly chose to enshrine abortion rights and access. This is particularly surprising in overwhelmingly red states of course, and Meyers was fully prepared for things to go in the opposite direction.

But after playing a series of news clips touting Democrats’ victories, the NBC host was simply stunned.

“Well, allow me to quote the great Edward R. Murrow and say: What the f— is going on?” he marveled. “You’re telling me Biden is losing to Trump in the polls, but a Democrat just won reelection against a Trump-backed candidate in Kentucky.

He continued, “You’re telling me Trump, the guy who stocked the Supreme Court with ’80s movie villains with the explicit goal of overturning Roe v. Wade is leading the polls in Ohio, where voters just overwhelmingly approved a ballot measure to protect abortion rights? This s— makes so little sense, even Steve Kornacki’s big board last night said ‘I give up.'”

Elsewhere in the segment, Meyers mocked Fox News’ Sean Hannity, who claimed on Tuesday that “Democrats are trying to scare women into thinking Republicans don’t want abortion legal under any circumstances.”

“Yeah, I wonder where voters could possibly have gotten the notion that Republicans want to outlaw abortion,” Meyers mocked. “Aside from all the GOP-led states that have outlawed abortion, or the GOP politicians who say they want to outlaw abortion, or the new speaker of the House, who sponsored a bill to outlaw abortion…”

You can watch Seth Meyers’ full “A Closer Look” segment in the video above.

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