Serina Liu's husband breaks silence on her current condition

2 Mar – Serina Liu's husband recently posted a heartbreaking message about the Taiwanese actress, nearly a month since she fell into a coma.

As reported on Epoch Times, Shin broke his silence on Facebook saying that Serina needs everybody's prayers and well wishes to help her through the toughest challenge of her life.

"I, Shin Lung, is willing to trade my life for hers because our daughter is only four-years-old. She can live without a father, but not without her mother," he wrote.

Shin stated that while Serina is still in the same state, he has continued to whisper encouragement and comfort in her ears, and even recorded a message from their daughter for her to hear.

"At present, Serina needs all the positive energy from everybody to restore her strength. At this critical moment, I hope you can give us some personal space and your encouragement."

Shin stated that while he seemed to give the impression of a strong man, he is actually deeply affected by the situation faced by his wife and is afraid of losing her.

"At this time, I am weak and confused, but I told myself that I can't fall. I pray that you will continue to pray for Serina and give her energy," he added.

It was back in early February that the Taiwanese media reported that Serina's heart stopped beating during a heart valve repair surgery.


(Photo Source: Serina Liu Instagram)