Serina Liu says her husband focuses his love to daughter

12 Jun – Sometimes, your own child is your biggest competition - and this is true for Taiwanese actress Serina Liu, who admitted jokingly that she has been losing her husband's attention to their toddler daughter, Ni Ni.

As reported on Epoch Times, the actress who went on a variety show recently, shared that she had always been the apple of her husband Shin Lung's eyes since the day they started dating.

"But since our daughter was born, everything has changed," she added.

Said the actress, the singer dotted on their two-year-old so much that she would have to take a full bath first after coming home from work so to "disinfect" herself from bad things before holding their daughter.

Serina also stated that Shin insisted on cutting their daughter's hair himself and would kiss Ni Ni's tears whenever she cried, saying that it was as precious as pearls.

"He used to regard me as a princess, but he never kissed my tears!," she joked.

Serina and Shin tied the knot back in 2014. The couple welcomed their daughter Ni Ni two years later.

(Photo Source: China Times)