Serina Liu passes away after more than a month in coma

24 Mar - Taiwanese actress and dancer Serina Liu has recently passed away, nearly two months after falling into a coma.

As reported on Epoch Times, the news was confirmed by the Taipei Veterans General Hospital, expressing their regret over the death of the actress on 22 March.

Serina started her career through ballet at the age of 18, and began participating in major competitions at 23. She also began starring in television series, including the 2006 period drama, "The Rise of the Tang Empire".

In 2014, Serina married Taiwanese singer Shin Lung. The two welcomed their daughter Ni Ni in 2016.

In early February, the actress - who suffered from a narrowed aortic valve - had an unexpected sudden cardiac arrest and fell into a coma while undergoing a heart valve repair surgery at Taipei Veterans General Hospital.

She was 44.

(Photo Source: China Times)