Has Serena Williams just revealed the gender of Meghan and Prince Harry's baby?

Meghan Markle fans are convinced Serena Williams has let it slip. [Photo: Getty]
Meghan Markle fans are convinced Serena Williams has let it slip. [Photo: Getty]

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have kept tight-lipped about the details of when Baby Sussex will be born and the baby‘s gender.

During an interview with E! though, fans think that the Duchess’ long-standing BFF, Serena Williams, accidentally spilled the beans.

The pair have been friends for a long time and it’s reported that Serena Williams and Amal Clooney even hosted Meghan Markle’s baby shower.

Tennis legend, Williams, was talking about parenting advice when she started talking about a pregnant friend of hers.

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“My friend is pregnant, and she’s like, ‘My kid’s gonna do this,’ [and] I just looked at her like and I was like ‘No, she’s not’ and ‘No, you’re not’.

“She started laughing and was like, ‘I need to talk to you about tips,’ because, yes, I had all of those high expectations and I had what I was going to do.

“This is a time where everything is not going to go as planned. You’ve just got to go with the flow.”

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This sparked a social media meltdown with fans claiming she just inadvertently announced the gender of the country’s most eagerly awaited baby.

Of course, the 23-time grand slam singles champion could have been talking about any of her friends’ babies, but social media users have their suspicions that she’s talking about Baby Sussex.

One Twitter user wrote: “Did Serena Williams just accidentally real the sex of Meghan Markle’s baby?”

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