Serena Williams Just Found Our New Favorite Travel Cross-body Bag

Serena Williams knows how to make a statement with her look — whether it's a tutu on the tennis court or a showstopping gown on the red carpet. Before boarding her private jet this week, she paused for a few tarmac shots to show off a super cute spring outfit from her own fashion line, her seriously impressive calf muscles, and a bright red, monogrammed cross-body bag. We immediately zeroed in on the latter.

The bold-but-simple bag is by Leatherology, a Dallas, TX–based brand that specializes in everyday luxury accessories that are easy to personalize, so you don't have to be a celebrity to get one designed just for you. Williams' bag is the brand's Meadow Double Zip Camera Bag, which you can have hand-painted with a chic stripe design and up to three initials for $40 each. You also get to choose the size, color, and styling of the letters and their shadows — we recommend going for contrast.