These sensors measure air quality in the home

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Airthings offers a range of sensors to measure air quality in the home.

The Norwegian startup Airthings, which specializes in air-quality sensors, has unveiled a new collection of devices for accurately measuring the presence of fine particles, CO2 or radioactive gas in the home.

Airthings offers tools suited both to professionals and individuals. In addition to its range of products for businesses and public institutions, the group offers three sensors for measuring air quality in the home.

The most accessible option is the Airthings View Pollution, which measures the presence of particulate matter in the air, some of which can remain there for several days. These fine particles can be particularly dangerous, as they can easily get into the body. Meanwhile, as its name suggests, the View Radon measures the quantity of this gas -- found in all homes -- which, in high levels over long periods of time, can be dangerous. Connected to Wi-Fi, the device alerts users in the event of too much exposure, bearing in mind that this gas is particularly carcinogenic. Both devices also offer humidity and temperature readings. They are sold, separately, for €199.

The higher-end option is the View Plus, which alone can measure the presence of radon, fine airborne particles and carbon dioxide, as well as measuring humidity, temperature and air pressure in the home. Also connected to Wi-Fi, it comes with an accompanying mobile application offering access to complete reports on the air quality inside the home. It is priced at €299.

Note that the Airthings application also provides information on pollen levels, with a map and practical advice on how to protect yourself and air your home effectively.

David Bénard

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