Sensorized iPhone gadget tests your food and radiation levels

Russian startup company Lapka has just released its first product, a $220 iPhone plug-in that features five sensors for detecting radiation, humidity, electromagnetic fields, temperature, and even one to determine how organic your food is.

Dubbed a "personal environment monitor," the new gadget and accompanying app claim to offer insights on all the microscopic particles, ions, and molecules surrounding us, to better get a glimpse into the health impacts of your environment. Plus this sleek device manages to convert all this scientific data into neat, easy-to-read charts, graphs, and even visualizations, according to reports.

To measure whether or not your food is really organic, stick a steel probe into your meal and the sensor will determine levels of nitrates, commonly used in nonorganic fertilizers.

Lapka is likely to next pursue other peripherals, such as an allergen sensor, glucometer, blood pressure monitor, oscilloscope, vehicle diagnostics device, and fitness tracker, writes Fast Company.