Selling Sunset's Chrishell drug use accusations about Nicole, explained

selling sunset drug nicole chrishell
Selling Sunset drug use controversy, explainedNetflix

The new season of Selling Sunset has had us hooked with more drama than ever before, including Chrishell Stause accusing Nicole Young of using drugs, again.

The two estate agents and exes of Jason Oppenheim had drama throughout the last series after Nicole argued that Chrishell took credit for her previous home listings, and Chrishell accusing Nicole of being on drugs, which she denied.

In the new season, Chrishell still isn't holding back about those accusations, so from start to finish, here is the Selling Sunset drug controversy explained.

Selling Sunset drug controversy explained

In episode seven of season six, while the agents are at a dinner party in Palm Springs, Nicole and Chrishell argued at the table.

"You’re on drugs, you’re on something," Chrishell said to Nicole. "It doesn’t seem like there’s only wine in your class, you’ve been acting a little ‘cracked out’ all night."

Nicole was super shocked at the accusation and walked away from the table crying. "I’ve never felt more alone than I do right now," she told the cameras.

selling sunset drugs nicole chrishell

Chrishell also accused Nicole of using drugs previously, such as at Mary’s bachelorette party, which Mary denied and said was "damaging" to say.

The next day, Nicole told Mary and Chelsea that she had gone for a drugs test and consulted her lawyer. "They are very severe and damaging accusations… they are 1000 percent false," she told them.

Later at dinner, Nicole brought up the topic and told Chrishell her test came back negative and she had consulted her legal team about her character being defamed by Chrishell but would not immediately be suing her. Nicole did, however, deny the accusations again.

selling sunset drug use nicole chrishell

In an interview with People, Nicole opened up about the accusations and said she was "shocked” and “gutted" by them.

Now, in season seven, Chrishell and Nicole came to blows again throughout the season with Chrishell first apologising for accusing Nicole of using drugs, but then pretty much doubling down by saying there was "some truth" to the accusations.

So much drama!

Selling Sunset is streaming on Netflix now.

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