Selina Jen admits lip synching at anniversary concert

18 Sep – S.H.E member Selina Jen recently apologised for not singing live at the group's anniversary concert that was held on 11 September.

As reported on Epoch Times, the apology came following speculations that she was lip syncing - due to the fact that her gestures did not match up to the lyrics and that the sound from her part was different than her two colleagues.

On 12 September, Selina took to social media to address the issue, saying that she had a vocal cord problem while recording their anniversary song, "Seventeen".

Although she later found out that the issue would be temporary, it could not heal in time for the concert.

"So I stepped up on my rehearsals, but the sound of my voice fluctuated and made me very nervous. The company even tried hard to help me solve the issue. I wanted to perform with peace of mind on the stage, and [the other members] even encouraged me during rehearsals," said Selina.

However, after hearing her live vocals during the final rehearsals, Selina found it was not good enough for the real show. After much discussion, they decided to not let her sing live with the others.

"I am sorry that I couldn't give you my true performance. I try to sing, but the sound that came out of my headphone was not the sound that I wanted," she added.

Lastly, Selina expressed hope that she will be able to present a much better performance in the future.

(Photo Source: Sohu)