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Chow, together with Hong Kong ‘heavenly king’ Aaron Kwok and popular Taiwanese heartthrob Eddie Peng, was in town for the premiere of “Cold War 2”, the sequel to the award-winning 2012 police thriller film, “Cold War”.

Selfie tips from the ‘king of selfies’ Chow Yun Fat at ‘Cold War 2’ S’pore premiere

(Photos by Yahoo Singapore and Encore Films)

With an illustrious career spanning over 40 years in film and television, Hong Kong actor Chow Yun Fat is generally considered to be screen royalty.

But the showbiz veteran also has another royal title to his name – the “king of selfies” - and justified it at a press conference in Singapore on Tuesday (5 July).

Chow, who was in town with with Hong Kong ‘heavenly king’ Aaron Kwok and popular Taiwanese heartthrob Eddie Peng for the premiere of “Cold War 2”, was more than ready to talk about his love for taking selfies.

“I’m very afraid of people taking photos of me, because I might turn out looking fat and ugly in their photos. There is a Cantonese saying, ‘Instead of dying at your hands, I’d rather die in my hands’, so I prefer taking selfies,” he said.

He also shared tips on how to take selfies, such as not getting too close to the screen, holding the camera from a higher angle to reduce a ‘double chin effect’, and when taking group selfies, always try to go to the centre so you can look slimmer.

Giving selfie-obsessed teenagers a run for their money, the 61-year-old even gushed about how much he loves ‘Boomerang’ – an app that creates and loops gif-like videos.

“Friendly and approachable personality”

His “Cold War 2” co-star, Aaron Kwok, also attested to Chow’s friendly and approachable personality.

“At first, he may come across as a strict person, but he’s really very caring and friendly to everyone he meets. I really learnt a lot from him about how to treat other people better,” said the 50-year-old actor and singer.

The youngest co-star, 34-year-old Eddie Peng added, “And I learnt useful tips on how to take selfies from him.”

When the emcee for the press conference, 933FM DJ Lim Peifen, announced the end of the event, Chow cheekily asked, “Eh? But I haven’t taken pictures with everyone yet!”

The “king of selfies” then boldly declared that he would take selfies with every one present at the conference in under three minutes and proceeded to leap off the stage, stunning the emcees and all the journalists present.

“Cold War 2” is the sequel to 2012’s highest-grossing Hong Kong film “Cold War”, which achieved over US$50 million worldwide and won over nine awards for acting, directing and production at the 32nd Hong Kong Film Awards.

The much-anticipated sequel features the returning cast of Aaron Kwok, Tony Leung and Eddie Peng, as well as the addition of cinema superstar Chow. The film opens in Singapore theatres on Friday, 8 July.