Seletar Aerospace Park: A Must See Spot For Some Great Family Fun

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If you’re planning to go on a family outing soon, Seletar is the place to be! At Seletar Aerospace Park, there’s a little something for everybody. It’s also the best place for both play and eat with the entire family on a bright sunny day.

You’ll find that Seletar Aerospace Park has everything – from an aeroplane-themed playground, calming park walks to family-friendly restaurants.

Family-friendly Activities You Can Try At Seletar Aerospace Park

Seletar Aerospace Park
Seletar Aerospace Park

Image source: Screengrab from Google Maps

To help you figure out what you can do at this park, we’ve created an exhaustive activity list so you know what Seletar Aerospace Park has in store for your family.

  • What The Kids Can Do At Seletar Aerospace Park

1. Play around at the aeroplane-themed playground

Image source: Screengrab from Google Maps

Your child will surely jump with joy seeing the playground at Seletar Aerospace Park.

This colourful park playground has been transformed to add a mini-airport, complete with a propeller aeroplane structure, an air traffic control tower slide, helipad merry-go-round, as well as a smaller jet plane for younger kids.

Image source: Screengrab from Google Maps

The playground space is made suitable and safe for both toddlers and older children. The swings even have bucket seats and there’s a bowl swing for the kids to simply lie down in and cool down from all the playing.

2. Play a game of aeroplane chess

Seletar Aerospace Park
Seletar Aerospace Park

Image source: Screengrab from Google Maps

Aside from the usual slides and swings, the playground also includes a life-size game of Aeroplane Chess.

The board is painted on the ground of the playground area and it can be played with similar rules to Ludo. You can play the game with two or more players which means, your entire family can join in this fun!

  • What The Entire Family Can Do At Seletar Aerospace Park

1. Take a peaceful stroll through greenery beside the playground

Image source: Screengrab from Google Maps

Just beside the playground at Seletar Aerospace Park, is the wide open lush green estate. You can enjoy a long relaxing walk here.

Kids can wind down from playing around all day and you get to enjoy a much-needed break, just breathing in some fresh air.

This is the perfect opportunity to escape the bustling city and enjoy nature with the whole family on a peaceful afternoon. It is not as crowded, which is an added bonus.

2. Watch real planes take off and land

Of course, what’s Seletar Aerospace Park without real aeroplanes around the area? Your kiddo will surely have stars in their eyes when they see actual private jets and hangers land and take off.

There are planes coming in and flying off throughout the day at the airport so you are sure to catch one at some point.

3. Grab a bite in one of the many family-friendly restaurants and cafes at Seletar Aerospace Park

Image source: Facebook / The Summerhouse

Whether in the middle of your outing or at the end, your family can also enjoy a delicious meal at one of the restaurants and cafes at Seletar Aerospace Park. Called “a hidden dining oasis” by Visiting Singapore, there are various eatery options for you to try at this park.

  • 5 by Sans Facon
    Try out some French delicacies at this French restaurant just within Seletar Aerospace Park. This hidden gem offers home-styled French food from open-face sandwiches, steak frites, and more.

  • The Summerhouse
    This farms-to-table dining is just the spot to enjoy a healthy brunch with the entire family. After strolling and playing around the park, you can fill up your empty stomachs here at The Summerhouse.

  • Wheeler’s Estate
    Enjoy a meal out on the relaxing lawn at Seletar Aerospace Park with the set up of Wheeler’s Estate. Dining here will feel like a luxe campsite. You can indulge in a meal with fairy lights above you with and a cute silver camper van you can take a family picture with to commemorate your visit.

  • Wildseed
    Found at the same space as The Summerhouse, this cafe is open from 9am and is another great place to have a wonderful family brunch. From Eggs Benedict, Big Pan Breakfasts, and more meals to enjoy with a steaming cup of coffee in the morning.

  • YOUNGS Bar and Restaurant
    If you end up staying until nighttime at Seletar Aerospace Park, you can take the kids for a hearty dinner at YOUNGS Bar and Restaurant where they serve quality Modern European cuisine. While the kids enjoy slices of Hawaiian pizza, parents can consider toasting on a glass of wine at the restaurant.

So head out and enjoy this open space in the little red dot with your family.

Happy holidays!

Lead image source screengrab from Google Maps.


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