Selena Lee is too busy to be dating

10 Oct – TVB actress Selena Lee admitted that she might be too busy to actually be in a relationship.

In an interview with Mingpao, the actress, who has been gossip-free since her last known romance with singer Patrick Tang, stated that there is no shortage of suitors around her, but that she just couldn't find time to date due to her work schedule.

"If I want to date someone, he must be understanding of my career. I often have to travel and I need my own space. I need to be in a relationship where we are both supportive of each other, which is more important than "possessing one another"," she said.

Selena stated that she doesn't set a deadline for herself when it comes to marriage, although she does plan to settle down in the future.

"I know my dad wants a grandson, so this is one of the reasons I want to get married. But I still need to have the time to start my own family. I saw Myolie [Wu] and the sacrifices she makes for her kids. It's really great," she said.

Instead of worrying about herself, Selena said that she would like to see her best buddies Elaine Yiu and Nancy Wu tying the knot first.

"Nancy is a good girl. She is pretty wealthy and independent. I hope that she will find someone who will cherish her," she added.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)