Selena Gomez: 'Shopping is my therapy'

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez finds going on a solo shopping trip to be "therapeutic".

The 25-year-old actress and singer always turns heads with her outfits, whether she's dazzling in designer gear on the red carpet or dressed down for a day out.

She loves hitting boutiques to try pieces on and has discovered that a day out in the shops is beneficial in more ways than one.

"I kind of dress within my mood," she told "So, I went through a phase where I loved all of the '50s styles and I loved the floral '70s style. I kind of have these phases of what I like depending on my mood...

"I fully believe in even just walking around (shops) by yourself. I love doing that by myself because I can focus on it. It's kind of therapeutic in a way. I love sweaters. I think (of) things that I can picture myself wearing on a date."

Selena, who is currently loved up with singer The Weeknd, has outfits prepared for all occasions, and will wear satin shorts, thick socks, and an oversized top when watching TV at home.

The Coach brand ambassador has recently been tuning into Game of Thrones, and finds the period costumes worn by actors to be truly inspiring.

"Oh, they're beautiful," she gushed. "I literally went online and tried to buy this beautiful dress that kind of flowed and had a neck that was all sewn together and the details are unbelievable. I think it's phenomenal - everything about the show is. I sometimes wish we could have moments where we could dress like that. That would never happen."

The brunette beauty has plenty of sentimental pieces in her own wardrobe though, such as a striped crop top which she used to wear all the time towards the end of her teenage years, an "important" period of her life as it was the first time she'd been on her own.

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