Selena Gomez Says "Boys Confuse Standards With High Maintenance"

selena gomez visits the siriusxm studios in los angeles
Selena Gomez Just Revealed Her Dating RequirementsRodin Eckenroth - Getty Images

Selena Gomez is living her best single life (in case you hadn't noticed from her summer bop "Single Soon") and she chatted about her personal dating requirements during an appearance on SiriusXM's Hits 1 LA—saying that she's not actually "high maintenance." She simply has standards and she's not afraid to be clear about them!

"I think I have standards, and I think I live in a world right now where boys confuse standards with high maintenance," Sel said, going on to add "I'm not ashamed to say, 'I actually require X, Y, and Z for you to be with me.'"

When it comes to what those requirements are, it's actually pretty simple: "You gotta be cool, man," Selena explained. "Not cool in the sense that people think you're cool. You just gotta be nice and like, please make me laugh and also just be good to my family and people around you."

She also confirmed that she is single at the moment, saying she's ready to embrace a relationship if/when it comes. "I think everybody goes through the phase of, 'Oh, it'd be nice to like have someone,' and I get that. But you know, I'm just enjoying where I'm at and I just want to be happy with who I am so that whenever that person comes into my life, I can just have them add on to me instead of being this insecure, you know, person that I normally used to be."

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