Selena Gomez Is Living Her Best Single Life

Tess Koman
Photo credit: Media-Mode/Splash News

From Cosmopolitan

Today in "what's Selena up to?" news, the newly single lady was photographed on a yacht off the coast of Australia, enjoying some time with friends. As one does whilst private-yachting, Selena was in a bikini, which revealed a scar from the emergency follow-up procedure she had after her 2017 kidney transplant.

Photo credit: Media-Mode/Splash News

Both Selena and her BFF/kidney donor Francia Raisa have been vocal about how scary the complications on Selena's end were. She remembers hyperventilating while waking up from the original surgery, only to find out her new kidney was turning around in her body.

Photo credit: Backgrid AU/BACKGRID

Though Selena posted pictures of her actual transplant scar upon announcing she'd had the surgery, this is the first the world has seen of the complications' scarring. Her inner thigh scar is likely from removal of the femoral vein to rebuild an arterial connection to the newly transplanted kidney.

She looks incredible. And happy! See you tomorrow when she maybe re-follows everyone and her mother on Instagram?

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