Seiko 5 Sports Launches Ultraseven Limited Edition

This special collaboration between Seiko 5 Sports and Ultraseven superheroes is to commemorate both their 55-year anniversaries.

Ultraseven has saved humankind and defended peace for 55 years now. He came from the star of light or Nebular M78. In the meantime, Seiko 5 Sports has simultaneously traveled a long journey with a time of 55 years. What a pleasant coincidence to foster their fruitful collaboration of the first-class in both worlds.

seiko 5 sports Ultraseven Limited Edition
seiko 5 sports Ultraseven Limited Edition

This sporty timepiece model was first introduced in 1968. To proclaim this magical celebration, Seiko designed this particular wristwatch by referencing the first model of Seiko 5 Sports blended with the dial color representing the Ultra Guard in their movie. The Seiko 5 Sports 55th Anniversary Ultraseven Limited Edition No. SRPJ79 is compared as the special watch gadget always trusted in the unit.

This edition’s distinction is the function of glowing dial in darkness by having Lumibrite painted on the hour hand and the bezel. Its radiation is similar to when Ultraseven shows his superpowers. The bezel of the watch is 13.4 millimeters wide. It is designed in dark gray with metallic details. The back is engraved ‘Limited Edition’ with the logo of Ultraseven superhero on the screen of the back. It is matched perfectly with the nylon band that is woven with ‘Terrestrial Defense Forces’. It is also inspired from the uniform of the Ultra Guard.

To add extravagance to this 55th anniversary of Ultraseven, the limited edition box is made of stainless steels with the emblems of Seiko 5 Sports and the Ultra Guard on top of it. It is regarded as an invaluable treasure. There are only 3,400 watches worldwide.

(Images: Seiko)

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