You need to see Zendaya's new full fringe

zendaya on the red carpet with a blonde ponytail
PSA: Zendaya just got a full fringeNeil Mockford - Getty Images

We live for hair transformations, and Zendaya has been delivering us a feast of them as of late; from her Disney princess long blonde locks to her recent micro bob pixie haircut, with every new day comes a new Zendaya hair transformation. The one today, you may ask? Oh, just a full fringe haircut – as you do.

These recent hair looks have been brought to us by the Challengers press tour and it has served (excuse the pun) us once again. Enter: Zendaya and her new full fringe.

zendaya full fringe haircut
Gareth Cattermole - Getty Images

It's giving Barbie. So much so, that we're going to start manifesting a Barbie sequel movie, as well as Z having a role in it, because who wouldn't cast her as a Barbie? Just imagine the outfits. The new hair paired with this business from the front, party at the back stripey suit is *chef's kiss* and has us hoping this Challengers press tour never ends.

Now, Zendaya has teased us before with a fringe haircut back in January during Paris Fashion Week, which seemed to have vanished pretty miraculously afterwards, so this might be a clip-in job too. However, these bangs are longer and blunter than the micro one we saw her with previously, so here's hoping she's taken the plunge for real.

Tbh, we're still not over Zendaya being this blonde in the first place, by adding this fringe in we might just combust. Whiplash from one too many Zendaya beauty serves? We wouldn't complain.

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