Sechs Kies to return as a four-member group

15 Nov– K-pop idol group Sechs Kies is ready to make their return after two years as a four-member group.

As reported on Sports Chosun, the news was confirmed by management YG Entertainment, saying that the group is currently preparing for their comeback.

However, the release date for their new album is still under discussion.

Sechs Kies was originally scheduled to release their new album in September last year, but it was halted due to the controversies surrounding former member Kang Sung-hoon, his subsequent departure, as well as the scandal befalling former YG CEO Yang Hyun-suk.

The group's last album was "Another Light", which was released in September 2017 after their compilation album, "The 20th Anniversary" made a big splash when it came out in April the same year.

(Photo Source: Chosun)