Sean Lau and Louis Koo team up again in sci-fi "Virtu"

17 Feb - Sean Lau and Louis Koo are teaming up again for the umpteenth time, this time for their first sci-fi movie together, "Virtu".

According to Singtao Headline, in the movie, Sean and Louis play members of the international peace alliance that is established to fight against aliens that have been attacking various cities around the world.

"There are only a few sci-fi films like this in Asia. I hope that we can prove that Hong Kong is able to produce a big-budget science fiction film through this movie," said Louis.

On the other hand, Sean said that he rarely gets to participate in such a project, and is happy that he finally gets to do it.

"In this movie, the Earth will be on the edge of destruction, so the whole theme is a bit darker than usual," he said.

In addition to Sean and Louis, who were last seen on "Call of Heroes", the movie also stars newcomers Kevin Chu, Ng Shiu Hin, and Tony Wu.

With the budget of over HKD 300 million, the movie has recently begun its production phase.

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