Scream star Hayden Panettiere shows off vivid pink hair transformation

hayden panettiere
Scream's Hayden Panettiere unveils new hair colourNina Westervelt - Getty Images

Scream star Hayden Panettiere has showed off a vivid new hair colour, with the actor ditching her blonde locks for pink.

The star, who has also appeared in Heroes and Nashville, posted a selfie on Instagram to showcase her new look, writing: “Pink hair don’t care! #photoshoot #pinkhair #glamteam.”

Followers complimented the actor on her look, with one user commenting: “Wow this colour suits you 🎀,” whilst another follower wrote: “SUCH a good color on you!”

hayden panettiere
Jason Mendez - Getty Images

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Panettiere plays Kirby Reed in the Scream franchise, making her first appearance in Scream 4 before reprising her role earlier this year in Scream VI. The latest film was the first not to feature Neve Campbell as the iconic Sidney Prescott.

With Scream 7 now in the works and no sign of Campbell returning to the franchise, series creator Kevin Williamson urged executives to reach a resolution in the matter, imploring them to “pay the money.”

“I know exactly where she's coming from, I know her well," he began. "I love and adore her and that's what she did. It's right for her. I love everyone involved in Scream and all I can say is, pay her the money.

“That's what I would do, I would give her the money. I'm sure there's a number they can agree on that will make them both happy, so hopefully one day they will figure that all out," he added.

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Whilst Campbell’s future is uncertain, one individual who is certain to return is Melissa Barrera’s Sam Carpenter, with the star recently teasing what the future could hold for her character.

“There are so many places that [Sam] could go. There’s so much potential here of where she could go with her mental health - she’s just unpredictable,” she said. “I find that that darkness in her makes her that much more interesting to play and to watch.”

Scream VI is streaming on Paramount+.

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