Scrabble announces list of new words, from antivaxxer to upskirting

Francesca Specter
·Yahoo Style UK deputy editor
Scrabble has announced a list of new words which can be used during the game. [Photo: PA Images]
Scrabble has announced a list of new words which can be used during the game. [Photo: PA Images]

Scrabble has announced a number of new words which players are allowed to use.

The list is based on newly-coined words which have become popular in modern day speech.

It is based on the Anglosphere, a database of trending words which is used by Collins Dictionary to keep its reference books up to date.

Among the new Scrabble words are “Anti-vaxxer”, a word used to describe people who are against the practice of vaccination, and “misgender”, the notion of describing someone with the wrong gender.

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“Bae”, a word used to describe one’s significant other, is also on the list, along with “mansplaining”, the idea of a man explained someone to a woman in a way which is perceived as patronising.

Here is the full list of new Scrabble words:

Agender – of a person who does not identify with a gender (9 points)

Antifa – anti-fascist organisation (9 points)

Antivaxxer – person opposed to vaccination (19 points)

Bae – sweetheart or lover (5 points)

Blud – friend (7 points)

Burquini – swimming costume covering the whole body apart from the face, hands and feet (19 points)

Cisgender – having an assigned birth gender and gender identity that are the same (13 points)

Ew – expression of disgust (5 points)

Fatberg – large mass of fat in a sewer (13 points)

Fleek – as in “on fleek”, stylish (12 points)

Genderqueer – person with a non-traditional gender identity (22 points)

Hackerazzo – person who hacks a celebrity’s personal computer (27 points)

Hench – fit and muscular (13 points)

Incel – involuntary celibate (7 points)

Kompromat – potentially damaging documents, photographs, etc kept for blackmail (19 points)

Mansplaining – of a man explaining something to a woman in a condescending way (13 points)

Manspreading – when a male passenger spreads his legs into the seats beside him (18 points)

Misgender – refer to a person as the wrong gender (13 points)

Ok – okay (6 points)

Remainer – person who remains (10 points)

Qapik – monetary unit of Azerbaijan (20 points)

Shebagging – when a female passenger places her bag on the seat beside her (18 points)

Transphobia – hatred or fear of transgender people (18 points)

Upskirting – taking photographs under a woman’s skirt or dress without consent (17 points)

Ze – gender-neutral pronoun (11 points)

Yowza – used to express enthusiasm or excitement (20 points)

The English language is constantly evolving, with some words falling in and out of popularity all the time, while new ones are created every year.

Last year, Collins Dictionary announced its word of the year for 2018 has been announced as ‘single-use’.

Previous winners have included fake news, Brexit and binge-watch.