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Thursday 09, April

The Moon lights up your stars today, Scorpio. Use this energy for coming back into your own powers and inner strength. You have a well of emotional resources that can support you during tumultuous times. Others will lean on you for your deep wisdom and protection, but don't get depleted.

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Wednesday 08, April

You're finally starting to get back in balance, Scorpio. The lunar influence has helped you get into a beautiful flow over the past few days and now you're ready to return to yourself. The Moon enters your stars later tonight and puts the focus on all things Scorpio. In other words, your deep feelings and desires.

Tuesday 07, April

The Moon is nearly full but first, she's triggering a lot of angst, especially in the relationship department. If you pay close attention to the signals, this could be one of your biggest breakthroughs yet, Scorpio. It's all a matter of how you channel your emotional intensity. Go for the creative not the destructive.

Monday 06, April

The energies are all over the place today. All of the confusion and murky communication is a good reason to crawl back under the covers. You are moving from super social to super introverted as the Moon moves into your house of rest and retreat over the next few days. Sleep is your best medicine now.

Sunday 05, April

The Moon is in Virgo at the moment, which means that your social zone is brimming with stimulation. This is not the time to go incognito, Scorpio - connect to your friends and your wider following online. You need other people right now, even if you're just connecting screen-to-screen for the moment.

Saturday 04, April

With your ruler Pluto joining with Jupiter today, everything about your communication style is larger than life, Scorpio. This conjunction only happens once every thirteen years and this time it's hitting your house of talking and thinking, utterly transforming the way you convey your thoughts.

Friday 03, April

The planet of love and beauty dips into Gemini today, where she'll stay for a rare and long visit - through June. That's because of an upcoming retrograde next month, so there will be lots of interesting and sweet activity in your intimacy zone throughout the entire spring.

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