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Sunday 05, July

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse has arrived and she's not kidding. Watch your words and your thoughts with the utmost care and caution, Scorpio. This is your chance to practice mindfulness and meditation in every action. You can lash out at others more harshly than you might realize or intend. so hold back those stingers for now.

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Saturday 04, July

You love drama and intensity but even you are starting to get your fill. The stars are reminding you to watch your words and even your thoughts as we prepare for tomorrow's Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. The Moon is already lighting up your communication zone, but tomorrow is the big event. Stay vigilant and patient no matter what, Scorpio.

Friday 03, July

The focus on money continues, only today you're not in the mood for a reality check. What you want is the freedom to get back into something more glamorous. Sometimes money is like a great escape for you as it allows you to put your passion into something dreamy, and sometimes, even bigger than life.

Thursday 02, July

The Moon is now lighting up your house of finances and possessions. It's the perfect day to focus on your goals and what needs to be saved up for future security and success. You have a tendency to blow the bank when the feeling and desire strikes. However, during such times of uncertainty, you are learning to be more conservative.

Wednesday 01, July

The Moon is still lighting up your own secretive and intense stars today, Scorpio. This means there's no hiding out in your favourite private quarters without others finding a way to get to you. You'll have to share your magic and intensity with them, even if for only a few hours. But you are in your element so everything is rather perfect and dreamy, thanks to a kiss from Neptune.

Tuesday 30, June

The Moon moves into your own deep dark waters of emotional intensity for the next few days, Scorpio. So many powerful feelings and desires are getting turned up to full volume as we near this weekend's Full Moon Lunar Eclipse taking place in your communication sector. The strong push to speak your truth is relentless now.

Monday 29, June

The Moon and Pluto are not getting along well today causing tremendous stress in the communication department, especially with friends and colleagues. Even people you normally harmonize with quite naturally are now somehow a source of tension and conflict. Let this energy pass and wait for a less explosive day to talk.

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