School Of Hard Rocks Lesson 4: Crystals & New Year

Wenting Ang
Clear quartz, blue kyanite, amazonite, citrine

With 2020 right around the corner, many people are busy writing down new year resolutions and committing to changes that will challenge themselves in the coming year. With the new year bringing new possibilities and limitless potential, how might you incorporate crystals into the equation and utilise their perceived abilities to your advantage?

When it comes to using crystals for new year resolutions, the two-step method of “detox then advance” will be the key. Blue kyanite and clear quartz crystals are trusted to be the detox crystals, while amazonite and citrine crystals are believed to be the best advance crystals.

Blue kyanite and clear quartz crystals are trusted to be detox crystals

Crystals believed to help to detoxify

A versatile crystal that is said to help cut through emotional holdbacks, blue kyanite is trusted to be able to release one from unproductive beliefs, pushing its user towards their goals.

With its earthy and calm “vibrations”, blue kyanite is thought to encourage self-confidence and belief in oneself. These perceived abilities are the first steps for someone with a “new year new you” goal.

Meanwhile, clear quartz crystal is thought to be one of the best crystals to detoxify your mental state.

Taking the initial steps to clear the clutter in your life, clear quartz crystals are believed to encourage its user to keep a clutter-free mind, promoting optimism even in the face of unknown. Supposed to elevate negative viewpoints and trusted to clear energy blockage, the stone will be essential in your detox journey.

Amazonite and citrine crystals are believed to be the best advance crystals

Crystals believed to aid in advancement towards goals

To achieve your new year resolutions with the aid from crystals’ “vibrations”, you will need to tap into using crystals that are believed to have abilities in helping one’s advancement towards their goals.

While the promise of a new beginning can be intimidating, many users believe in the abilities of amazonite, also known as the “stone of hope”. Thought to calm the fears that arise in face of changes, amazonite is said to help its user in taking steps to embrace new beginnings.

Believed to promote success and courage, amazonite encourages abundance in harmonious environments. It is said to be one of the best stones to use for those who want a change in their careers in the new year.

Citrine crystal, with its vibrant yellow translucence, is believed to be a great stone for those who seek happiness and financial stability in the new year. Said to boost optimism, citrine stones are trusted to give you the motivation and determination to fulfil your goals.

Trusted to help its user to gain financial stability and establishing means to achieve one’s resolutions, it is said that pairing citrine crystals with clear quartz during meditation can help one to “see” their road ahead clearer.

Blue kyanite, citrine, amazonite and clear quartz

Will you be using crystals to aid you in fulfilling your new year resolutions? What other crystals would you pair with for maximum results?

To learn more about crystals and how to use them in your life, be sure to follow our School of Hard Rocks video series.