School of Hard Rocks Lesson 3: Crystals & Love

Wenting Ang
Clockwise from right: labradorite, lapis lazuli, rose quartz

For centuries, crystals have been thought to possess the ability to aid humans in their everyday lives – and one of these is the ability to attract potential love interests.

Rose quartz, characterised by its gentle pink, near translucent look, is trusted to be the ultimate love and romance crystal. Said to heal and open the heart, carrying a soft feminine energy of compassion and comfort, rose quartz stones are frequently carried by women of all ages. 


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Rose quartz

For single women, rose quartz is thought to call in love, easing pain from previous relationships. For the attached, the pink stone is seen as one that will open one’s heart to truly give and receive love, bringing calm and minimising disagreements. Thought to be a mothering stone, rose quartz is also believed to bring the nurturing and soothing energy of motherly love in the presence of young children.

Rose quartz is also perceived to be a stone that promotes self-love. The crystal’s “vibrations” are believed to energise the heart chakra, dissolving emotional wounds and aiding the user in healing and accepting oneself.

A lesser known belief is in the use of labradorite for romance; the iridescent blues and greens that shimmer through the stone are said to increase attraction while calming uncertainties when dealing with romance.


It is believed that labradorite requires a longer time for their abilities to manifest, hence it is unsuitable for people who do not have patience. 

Singles trying to break away from the stale air surrounding your romance luck can try to incorporate lapis lazuli crystals into their everyday lives. 

Lapis lazuli

Believed to help better express emotions and feelings, lapis lazuli stones are trusted to forge better bonds by letting go of outdated thoughts and opening one’s mind to new opportunities. 

Users can carry a pouch of mixed romance-related crystals in their bags to strengthen their romance game. Otherwise, it is also believed that ladies can enhance their romantic life by placing a few pieces of rose quartz beside their beds.

What are the love crystals that you have with you and why? 

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