School Of Hard Rocks Lesson 2: Crystals & Money

Wenting Ang
School of Hard Rocks Lesson 2: Crystals & Money

Among the many “abilities” crystals are thought to have, attracting abundance and wealth is one of their most commonly-believed powers.

For example, citrine is said to be one of the more powerful wealth-related crystals. The radiant bright yellow stone is frequently used as a bracelet or key-chain charm, and is thought to help its users attract prosperity into their lives.

Citrine is said to energise the “chakras” located at the solar plexus and the navel, and it is also believed to bring positivity and joy into its users’ lives as they embark on their financial pursuits.


However, many are unaware that citrine is said to be unsuitable for people who are short-tempered or aggressive. Citrine’s “vibrations” are believed to strengthen aggressive tendencies in some people and should thus be avoided.

For those seeking career-related wealth and business opportunities, green aventurine is thought to be more appropriate. Believed to be one of the luckiest crystals, it is thought to open new doors to positive ventures in business.

Green aventurine

The calming colour of green aventurine is also said to help business owners grasp opportunities that might have slipped past them previously.

Green aventurine is supposedly best paired with clear quartz, which is said to give clarity and clear-headedness when dealing with the opportunities and businesses that the green crystal brings.

Green aventurine, clear quartz

For those just starting out on their careers, the tiger’s eye crystal is believed to be a more suitable wealth-related crystal.

Thought to give the motivation and courage to take the right actions towards financial success, tiger’s eye crystal is said to help its users stay grounded, guiding them towards a more practical solution. It is also believed to give its users new perspectives on old problems.

School of Hard Rocks Lesson 2: Crystals & Money - Tiger’s Eye

Believed to boost one’s overall affinity with wealth, money-related crystals can be kept together to strengthen their supposed abilities. These crystals can be brought along in the users’ handbags, placed in an auspicious location in the house or office, or even placed just beside the cashier of a business.

Now, what is your preferred wealth crystal and why?

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