Scarlett Johansson hides a Jewish girl from Nazis in the full 'Jojo Rabbit' trailer

Jojo Rabbit trailer released (Credit: Fox Searchlight)
Jojo Rabbit trailer released (Credit: Fox Searchlight)

The first full-length trailer for Taika Waititi’s Jojo Rabbit has landed online and revealed even more of the story.

The World War II satire is set in Germany and follows a lonely German boy (Roman Griffin Davis) called Jojo Beltzer who is being trained up in the Hitler Youth.

Jojo develops an imaginary friend in the form of Adolf Hitler (Waititi) but soon learns that his single mother Rosie (Scarlett Johansson) has been hiding a young Jewish girl called Elsa Korr (Thomasin McKenzie) from the Nazis in their attic.

The film also boasts a stellar ensemble cast including Sam Rockwell, Alfie Allen, Rebel Wilson and Stephen Merchant. Waititi adapted it, loosely, from the Christine Leunens novel Caging Skies.

The Kiwi filmmaker says that though there are funny moments, Jojo Rabbit is more drama than comedy.

“It’s not even a super hilarious film; there’s a lot of comedy in it, but again, as with my other films, it’s more of a drama with a lot of light moments throughout,” he told Deadline.

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“I’m not even sure if it could be construed as a comedy. It’s definitely not a broad comedy.”

He also said that he is not playing Hitler but a child’s impression of him.

Jojo Rabbit is the latest from filmmaker Taika Waititi (Credit: Fox Searchlight)
Jojo Rabbit is the latest from filmmaker Taika Waititi (Credit: Fox Searchlight)

“He’s like a 10 year-old kid’s version of Hitler,” Waititi said.

“So he doesn’t have to share anything with actual Hitler, because 10 year-olds never meet Hitler.

“He’s basically a 10 year-old who happens to have a tiny little moustache.”

This is Waititi’s sixth movie as director, his first since Thor: Ragnarok, and it will premiere for the first time at Toronto International Film Festival.

It will also be screened at the London Film Festival on Saturday, 5 October before opening nationwide on 1 January, 2020.

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