SBS Transit bus captain offers mask to passenger who's about to run home to get one

Wenting Ang
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SBS Transit bus captain offers mask to passenger who's about to run home to get one
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Even though masks have been made mandatory back in April during Phase 1, it is still common to see Singaporeans forgetting to wear a mask on some days. This was exactly what happened to Steven Ho on Saturday (21 Nov) as he left home to head for Hougang Interchange.

Taking to Facebook to praise the lady bus captain of bus number 102, Ho recalled that he had forgotten to wear a mask as he left home, and was only reminded of it when the bus captain pointed out to him. “I immediately stepped out of the bus and wanted to run back home to get my mask,” he shared.

Already a short distance away from the bus, Ho heard the bus captain, identified by SBS Transit to be bus captain Shi Yun, calling out to him. As he could not hear her properly, Ho went back to the bus and was offered by Shi Yun a spare mask of her own.

On top of offering him a mask, the bus captain was noted saying: “I have extra masks here; take it to use. Would one be sufficient?”

Taking a mask, Ho thanked Shi Yun for her kindness, to which she replied, “it’s just a small matter.”

Subsequently, Ho told the bus captain that he wanted to write her a compliment and asked if he could take a photo of her to share on Facebook. The candid bus driver consented to Ho’s request and even struck a pose for him.

Shi Yun was praised by SBS Transit, who reshared the original post by Ho, saying that the bus captain “made his Saturday morning wonderful with her kindness. He, in turn, made her day (and ours) with his kind words of appreciation. What a nice start to the weekend!”

The company had also lauded the bus captain for looking out for the passenger’s well-being and thanked Ho for sharing his experience with the company.

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