Savour traditional local delights served in charming tiffin-styled containers at Chan Mari Chan

Do you recall the times when you used to pack meals from home and bring them to school in tiffin containers? Or does a sense of nostalgia wash over you when you encounter a tiffin container? At Chan Mari Chan in Melaka, you can relive those nostalgic moments as they serve their dishes in tiffin containers!

Chan Mari Chan- Counter

With its vibrant colour scheme, this establishment is impossible to overlook, offering a diverse selection of local dishes. Drawing inspiration from classic cafeterias, customers have the opportunity to choose their dishes from the counter and place them on their trays, reminiscent of the school days.

Chan Mari Chan - Chicken rice

The standout dish at Chan Mari Chan is undoubtedly their chicken rice. You have the option of selecting either the Roasted Chicken Rice (RM8.90) or the BBQ Chicken Rice (RM9.90). If you’re in the mood for something adventurous, they also offer a Combo Chicken Rice (RM10.90), which includes both roasted and BBQ chicken.

Chan Mari Chan - Mini bowls

Add on additional dishes with the restaurant’s speciality: mini bowls. Served in tiffin-like containers, you can have over 10 different side dishes to go with your meal. Among the mini bowls you can indulge in include Szechuan Chicken (RM5.90), Udang Pahlawan (RM11.90), and Sweet and Sour Chicken (RM5.90).

Chan Mari Chan - Nyonya dishes

Be sure to explore their Nyonya-inspired offerings too. Delight in the Sizzling Bamboo Clam with Nyonya Sambal (RM29.90) or the Sizzling Stingray with Nyonya Sambal (RM35.90). Additionally, you can savour their highly recommended dishes like the Claypot Kepala Ikan Pahlawan (RM59.90), the Lemak Lamb Shank with Pucuk Manis (RM59.90), or the Claypot Asam Pedas Ikan Pari (RM25.90).

Chan Mari Chan - Dim sum
Chan Mari Chan - Desserts

If you’re still craving more, Chan Mari Chan has a variety of dim sum options to select from. Alternatively, if you have a sweet tooth, you can indulge in the Sago Gula Melaka (RM6.90) or the Gula Melaka Karamel Pudding (RM6.90).

Chan Mari Chan - Drinks

If you’re in need of something to quench your thirst, consider enjoying the Soda Chan Mari Chan Magic (RM10.90), which combines lychee, longan, and butterfly pea, or opt for the Soda Hawaiian Crush (RM6.90), made with pineapple cordial.

Make sure to pay a visit to Chan Mari Chan on your upcoming trip to Melaka!

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