Save your hotel money – you can now spend the night at Tsutaya Book Apartment in Tokyo

Photo: Pixabay

When one talks about cheap accommodations in Japan, places like capsule hotels and manga cafes might come to mind. Accommodations can amount to quite a sum when you travel in Japan, with some charging S$150 or more per night per person. Moreover, the hotel rooms in densely-populated Tokyo are not very spacious. This is why the cheaper options like manga cafes, which offer a cubicle with computer and Internet access, are so attractive even to locals.

But lucky us – apart from capsule hotels and manga cafes, there is a new option to consider: Tsutaya Book Apartment! Tsutaya is known for selling books, albums, games, DVDs and even video rentals. Recently, they have ventured into providing a space for people to bury their heads into books 24/7!

Tsutaya Book Apartment is conveniently located in Shinjuku, one of the busiest districts in Tokyo. The charges start from 500 yen (S$6) per hour, and you can even request for the women-only floor for an additional one-time fee of 100 yen, or get a private space for an additional one-off 500 yen fee. On-site shower facilities are also available for 500 yen, or you can choose to take up a six-hour package at 2,800 yen or a 12 hours at 5,500 yen, both of which include the shower option. Lounge-wear is also available at 1,000 yen.

For people looking for a cosy place to work, Tsutaya Book Apartment has a floor catering to that need as well! At an additional cost of 100 yen, you can make use of their co-working area, with access to a printer, iMacs, iPads and power sockets around the room.

“Such a wonderful place in Shinjuku! This is irresistible for book-lovers.”

Tsutaya Book Apartment sure looks like a comfy and relaxing place to spend time, or even the night at. With the ‘chillax’ atmosphere and the array of books you can flip through even if you don’t understand a single word, it probably still beats the mundane and dull capsule hotels and manga cafes!

Tsutaya Book Apartment is just a few minutes’ walk from Shinjuku station’s east exit! (Screenshot: Google Maps)