Sarah Song takes extra precaution with pregnancy during pandemic

3 Apr – Although she is happy to be pregnant with her second child, Sarah Song stated that she understands how risky it is for her to be carrying a baby during these tough times.

As reported on Skypost, the actress, who spoke to the media following her pregnancy announcement, shared that she had just passed the first trimester but would rather keep mum on the baby's gender.

"I am more relaxed for this second pregnancy compared to the first one, but we have to be very careful due to the pandemic. We try not to go out to the streets to minimise the risk, and remain optimistic of everything," she said.

She added that both her parents and in-laws are also worried about her condition due to COVID-19.

As for husband Jason Chan Sarah revealed that the actor has also been extra attentive towards her and their son Damon, and that they used the opportunity to spend more time with the family.

"We have a lot of fun with our child and only buy our goods online," she added.

(Photo Source: Sarah Song Instagram)