Sandara Park’s Special Meeting with Zico on ‘Living Together in Empty Room’

[by Ent Team] Sandara Park had a special meeting with Block B’s leader Zico.

On the upcoming broadcast of MBC star real roommate variety, ‘Living Together in Empty Room’ on the 1st, P.O and Sandara Park go to the Hip-hop EDM Festival and meet Zico.
The revealed picture catches attention as Zico is brightly smiling at Sandara Park and P.O’s appearance.

Sandara Park is nervous to meeting Zico and politely clasps her hands together. P.O shyly shows his ‘Shy P.O’ image slightly lowering his head while smiling, and putting a thumbs up saying to Zico, “This is Sandara nuna that I live together with~”

According to the production team, Zico exposes P.O’s trainee days by saying to Sandara Park, “He really liked you before we debuted where he even wore the socks (that had you drawn on them).” He continued by pelting them with questions and looking at them with a jealous look, “Are you at P.O’s house? Do you eat breakfast (together)?”

Afterwards Sandara Park shows her personal talent that she vigorously prepared with P.O while listening to Zico’s music in order to meet him but the amicable images of the three as they follow the rhythm is raising curiosity as to what her personal talent is.

Also, P.O and Sandara Park will give the surprise present that they put all their heart into, and Zico’s ‘real man bluff’ after receiving the present will all be revealed.

Meanwhile, P.O, Sandara Park and Zico’s special meeting and their enjoyment of the Hip hop festival can all be checked out on the 1st on the broadcast of MBC ‘Living Together in Empty Room’. (photo by MBC)

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