Samuel Chan saddened by Natalie Tong's new romance?

28 Feb – Although he had always denied rumours of romance with Natalie Tong, education consultant Samuel Chan recently sparked speculations of a broken heart after writing an ambiguous post about relationship woes.

As reported on Skypost, earlier this week Samuel wrote a long article on social media about his feelings, suggesting that his relationship with someone has already ended. He also wrote about being hurt after seeing a new man entering her life.

"One day, I saw a recent photograph of her going out. A new man has now appeared in her life. Forgive my bluntness, although the man appeared to be eager, he seems to be very good to her. I can see his sincerity and gentleness, the kind of gentleness that [writer-politician] Roy Kwong talked about," he wrote.

Samuel added that a friend asked him about it the next day, and that he admitted that seeing it saddened him a bit.

However, he stressed that it was his choice to choose his career instead of a relationship, and said, "Although I am thinking of her, it doesn't mean I would try to get her back. The best thing is to not disturb her."

Netizens quickly surmised that Samuel was indeed talking about Natalie, since it was just last week that the paparazzi caught the actress leaving actor Kenneth Ma's car following an outing. It was also reported that the two have been spotted together several times last week, though Kenneth denied that they are currently dating.

Although Samuel and Natalie had never publicly admitted to their romance, many speculated that they have been dating for the past year before ending the relationship in December last year.

(Photo Source: Samuel Chan Instagram)