Samuel Chan denies cohabiting with Natalie Tong

6 Dec– Education consultant-turned-TV personality Samuel Chan has dismissed once and for all the idea that he and actress Natalie Tong are an item.

As reported on Mingpao, Samuel, who appeared at an education seminar recently, denied that he and the actress were caught cohabiting and shopping for groceries together earlier, saying that the photos were taken a long time ago.

"I was not even in Hong Kong at the time, and have not seen Natalie in a long time," he added.

Samuel added that his mother is now worried about his love life, thinking that the constant rumours would make it difficult for him to find a girlfriend.

Asked if this means he and Natalie are not living together, he smiled and replied, "I live with my mother. If I am cohabiting with Natalie, she would know. My mum doesn't know Natalie personally, but she does watch her dramas."

(Photo Source: Samuel Chan Instagram)