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Samsung's Galaxy Tab S8+ falls to an all-time low in Amazon sale

The Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is also heavily discounted.

Sam Rutherford/Engadget

Amazon is running a sale on two Samsung Galaxy tablets for a limited time: the Tab S8+ and the Tab S6 Lite. The 128GB Galaxy Tab S8+ with Wi-Fi has reached an all-time low with a 33 percent cut dropping the price from $900 to $600. The sale is for the Pink Gold model only and includes an improved Samsung S Pen, with a latency of only 2.8ms, compared to prior models' 9ms.

It's currently 33 percent off.
$600 at Amazon

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ as a whole was well-reviewed by Engadget when it came out in 2022. The 12.4-inch OLED display, 2,800 x 1,752 screen and microSD trays made it stand out against its competitors. It's also smaller than its predecessors at 1.24 pounds with a 0.22-inch thickness and, Samsung claims, has a 33 percent harder frame than the S7 models. According to our tests, the 10,090 mAh battery will last for about six and a half hours of regular use.

There's no denying that, even at $600, the Galaxy Tab S8+ is still an expensive purchase. If you're looking for a simpler — and much cheaper – option, the 128GB Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is currently on sale for 37 percent off. While it's an older tablet, we can say it scored highly in our review back in 2020. For $270, you get a 10.4-inch display, 2000 x 1200 screen, a 7,090 mAh battery, and weighs in at about one pound. Plus, it also includes an S Pen with your purchase.

The Galaxy Tab S6 Lite sale is the same across the three available colors, Oxford Gray, Chiffon Rose and Angora Blue. Though the 64GB model is also discounted, the $160 price drop actually makes the 128GB cheaper than its smaller alternative.

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