Samsung Gauss: Meet The New On-Device AI Taking On ChatGPT, Google Bard

samsung gauss
samsung gauss

With all the activity going on in the world of generative AI, many were surprised to see Samsung being a silent observer. Back in 2016-2017 when voice assistants were the rage, the South Korean tech giant had spared no time in introducing Bixby to the world. Six years down the line, the company is finally doing the same in the ongoing AI race with its newly announced Samsung Gauss AI assistant.

Announced at the Samsung AI Forum, Gauss is Samsung’s answer to all the generative AI chatbots — from OpenAI and Microsoft to Google. The abilities of Gauss are comparable with what ChatGPT and Bard can do at the moment, and the future possibilities are endless. Similar to Bixby, Gauss will be a core element in Samsung’s software ecosystem for its future devices, including the upcoming Galaxy S24 series smartphones.

Although it is yet to be released to the public, we have pounded out everything one needs to know about Samsung Gauss.

What exactly is Samsung Gauss?

The name Gauss has been derived from Carl Freidrich Gauss, a legendary mathematician whose work formed the backbone of machine learning and AI.

samsung gauss
Image Credits: Courtesy Augustman / Amritanshu Mukherjee (Representational Image)

Gauss is Samsung’s iteration of generative AI that aims to offer the same kind of experiences as existing tools like ChatGPT. It is divided into three models, which include Samsung Gauss Language, Samsung Gauss Code and Samsung Gauss Image. Additionally, the AI model will be running on Samsung’s ecosystem which consists of multiple devices like smartphones, tablets, flip phones, smart TVs and more.

The Samsung Gauss Language is a generative language model that specialises in text-based applications such as emails, translations and summarising documents. This model can also allow smart device control after integration into smart home ecosystems. Gauss Language will compete with ChatGPT, Microsoft’s Bing AI and Google’s Bard.


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Then there’s the Samsung Gauss Code, which along with a coding assistant can help with in-house software development. It is aimed to help developers write code with functions such as code description and test case generation via an interactive interface.

Lastly, there’s Gauss Image for all the creative needs. Samsung’s Gauss Image is a gen AI model that generates and edits images based on the description inputs from the user. It will offer the ability to include style changes and upscale low-resolution images. This is more in line with AI image creators like DALL.E-3 and Midjourney.

When will Samsung’s AI assistant roll out?

samsung gauss
Image Credits: Courtesy Augustman / Amritanshu Mukherjee (Representational Image)

Samsung mentions that Gauss is presently used for employee productivity and will be expanded to other Samsung product applications in the future. This indirectly hints at Samsung integrating Gauss into its upcoming Galaxy S24 series flagship smartphones that are expected to be launched in early 2024.

Gauss, unlike some of its competitors, is an on-device AI assistant and could help Bixby become more capable and efficient. This way, it resembles the Google Assistant on the Pixel 8 series devices.

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