The Samsung Galaxy S24 phones are tipped to get a major display upgrade

 Samsung Galaxy S23.
Samsung Galaxy S23.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series is still some way off from being made official, but the rumors and leaks about it continue – including a new tip about a display upgrade that could be coming to all three phones in the lineup.

As per the usually reliable @UniverseIce (via Android Authority), Samsung's plan is for its 2024 flagship phones to offer a feature similar to the Ultra HDR (High Dynamic Range) capabilities that Google has introduced with the roll out of Android 14.

Ultra HDR is a new image format developed by Google, that still uses the .jpg file extension. Essentially, it records more information about a picture, meaning noticeable improvements in brightness, contrast, and color range.

Some extra processing power is required for the feature to work, and to see the end results properly you also need a phone with a compatible display (like the Google Pixel 8) – and it seems that the Samsung Galaxy S24 phones will indeed come with something like this.

Brighter screens too

Don't worry if these picture and display formats sound confusing – all that you really need to know is that your photos are reportedly going to look crisper and more vibrant on screen when you view them on a Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus, or Galaxy S24 Ultra.

We've also heard that brighter screens are coming to the Galaxy S24 series, perhaps up to 2500 nits (the current range tops out at 1750 nits). That should help with displaying photos with all of the HDR information unlocked – these images will still show up on other phone screens, but they'll look muted by comparison.

These phones aren't going to show up before January 2024, but we've seen plenty of leaks and rumors appear about them. Only yesterday we heard that the handsets are likely to support satellite connectivity, and that the Plus model could get a RAM upgrade.

Samsung itself has also been teasing features that are likely to appear on the upcoming devices, including a clever new video zoom trick that takes advantage of Samsung's latest 200MP camera sensor and the recently unveiled Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip.

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