Sammi Cheng in hospital for abdominal cramps

29 Nov – After weeks of absence from social media, Sammi Cheng surprised her fans recently by sharing a photo of her being warded in a hospital.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer posted a photo of her wearing a hospital gown, looking disheveled, and revealed that she had been experiencing painful abdominal cramps twice in the past two weeks, and couldn't sleep in peace due to nausea.

"Finally, I realised I couldn't escape this, so I got myself admitted to undergo gastroscopy. After examination, I found out that I was having acid reflux and the stomach was inflamed," she wrote.

Sammi stated that she couldn't wait to leave the hospital now that she has received her treatment.

"Life is all about overcoming experiences, joys and sorrows, illnesses and deaths, highs and lows, each life stages pose different life lessons, because we all grew up like this," she added.

(Photo Source: Sammi Cheng Instagram)