Sambal party! Hijau is serving the hottest buffet in Kuala Lumpur

Sambal is a serious matter. Sambal can make or break your meal. Sambal is a way of life. No one else understands this more than Hijau, and that’s why they’re bringing you their Sunday Brunch Sambal Party. Hijau is a Japanese Asian fusion eatery that has been serving plant-based meals since 2019.

Hijau - Sambal buffet poster with menu

For 3 Sundays in a row (5, 12, and 19 Mar 2023) at REXKL, feast on the widest sambal spread you’ve ever had in your life. On the menu they have classics like Terung Balado and Sambal Kicap Tauhu, as well as more unique options like Sambal Mushroom and Keropok Sambal Ijo. The buffet, priced at RM58 per person, will also include rice, nasi goreng, noodles, ulam, drinks, and 10 types of their signature sambal.

In addition to that, this sambal party will feature Green Rebel’s Ayum Balado and Sambal Kicap. Green Rebel, an Indonesian company specialising in Asian-flavoured plant-based meat and chicken, has partnered with Hijau to serve delicious meat-free options to Malaysians. 

Hijau - Nasi dendeng balado

Hijau will be at REXKL until 19 Apr 2023. So, If you miss out on this buffet, you still have time to check them out. You can even drop by to purchase their newly formulated Sambal Jars.

Hijau - A jar of Sambal Ijo

They say that a healthy diet should consist of carbohydrates, some protein, and a lot of vegetables. Chillies are vegetables, right? 

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