The Sam Willows' 'Keep Me Jealous' wins Earworm of the Year at inaugural Youth Music Awards

The Sam Willows won Earworm of the Year at the Youth Music Awards for the song “Keep Me Jealous”.

Singapore’s local talents were recognised at the inaugural Youth Music Awards (YMA), which took place at *SCAPE on Saturday (26 January).

Organised by Invasion Singapore, YMA seeks to celebrate made-in-Singapore music. “Through this awards show, we aim to recognise the extraordinary achievements and contributions of local musicians,” said *SCAPE. “From the industry powerhouses to up-and-coming sparks, these artists create the very soundtracks to our lives – the songs that depict falling in and out of love, transitioning into adulthood, dealing with triumphs and losses, and so on.”

Based on the theme “Catching Feelings”, YMA didn’t give out typical music awards such as “Best Artist” or “Best Single”. Instead, the awards recognised music’s emotional appeal with 13 categories such as “Best Song to Book Out to” and “Best Song to Party to”.

Artists Axel Brizzy and Marian Carmel receiving their award for their song “Thursday” from The Music Society president David Siow. (PHOTO: Invasion)

A total of 116 artists were nominated for the awards. The Sam Willows took home the Earworm of the Year award for their song Keep Me Jealous.

The full list of winners are:

Best Song to Unwind to: Shye – I Rly Like U

Best Song to Fall in Love to: Sezairi – It’s You

Fresh Vibe of the Year: Charlie Lim – CHECK-HOOK

Best Song to Wake Up to: Retrofocus – Happy Tune

Best Song to Party to: Yung Raja – Mustafa

Best Song to Book Out to: M1LDL1FE – Distraction

New Kids on the Block: YAØ

Best Song to Sing Along to: Axel Brizzy & Marian Carmel – Thursday

Best Feel Good Song: brb. – Cool With It

Earworm of the Year: The Sam Willows – Keep Me Jealous

Best Song to Rock Out to: Caracal – Manicenigmatic

Best Song to Break Up to: Sam Rui – Better

Best Cover Artist: HubbaBubbas

Local artists at the Youth Music Awards at *SCAPE on 26 January 2019. (PHOTO: Invasion)

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