Sam Smith: 'Christmas always triggers tricky body issues'

Sam Smith

Sam Smith always suffers from "tricky body issues" during the Christmas holidays.

The singer, who came out as non-binary earlier this year and now prefers to be referred to with the pronouns they/their, posted a black and white topless snap on Instagram, with the image showing their arms crossed across a hairy chest.

Alongside the picture, Smith wrote: "Christmas time is upon us. This time of the year always triggers tricky body issues with me. I love me some mince pies and all the trimmings, and I always find I gain a bit of weight during this time.

"I’m writing this out to you all, but also writing this for myself. Let’s make sure we remind our bodies during this time that no matter what weight we are, we are deserving of love and acceptance. Let’s love our fluctuating bodies. Look in that mirror and shower that reflection with Christmas kindness. Be super soft. It’s an everyday struggle for me. You aren’t alone."

The Stay With Me singer was quickly inundated with messages from their fans and celebrity friends, including plus-size model Tess Holliday, who wrote: "Yes. This. Forever. You are beautiful and valid regardless of your size, and thank you for sharing this. (Oh and enjoy all the mince pies)."

Singer Brandi Carlile commented, "You are f**king beautiful Sam", while Beth Ditto added, "i deserve alllllllll that cake (sic) !"

Smith has previously spoken about their battle with weight and body confidence, writing on Instagram back in April that they have "always hated being naked". Despite that, the star decided to have a naked day and added to fans: "It has been so empowering and wonderful and f**king FUN. I think everyone should have a naked day once in a while and celebrate that beautiful human body of yours."

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