Sam Milby supports manager in case against Jobert Sucaldito

19 May - When it comes to the conflict between columnist Jobert Sucaldito and Cornerstone Entertainment's Erickson Raymundo, singer Sam Milby said that his support has to be with the latter, who is his talent manager.

As reported on Push, the issue between Sucaldito and Raymundo sparked earlier this month when the former alleged on his social media that Raymundo was engaged in deals that has cost other artistes gigs and projects.

Raymundo had since filed 43 counts of libel against Sucaldito.

Speaking about the issue recently at the launch of his latest album "Sam:12", Milby acknowledged the fact that Sucaldito did help him a lot and that he will always be thankful.

Sucaldito was Milby's publicist when he left "Pinoy Big Brother" in 2005.

"He helped me a lot and I appreciate everything he's done for me. But also at the same time, Erickson is like my dad. Everything started with Erickson and I hope that people can understand that as well - that Erickson is my manager, he's my dad and I will stand by him," he added.

Milby also stressed that he would not want to meddle since the issue doesn't affect him the least.

(Photo Source: Sam Milby Instagram)