Sam Milby not in a rush to get married

19 May - Sam Milby, like most men, understands how lucky he is to be the man in a relationship, as he has no 'due date' when it comes to when he should be settling down.

As reported on Inquirer, the 33-year-old singer, who is currently dating TV personality and blogger Mari Jasmine, said that he wouldn't want to feel pressured to tie the knot just because everybody else is doing it.

"I will do it when I feel that the time is right," he said.

However, Milby added that he hopes that it will not be too late that he wouldn't have enough energy to play with his future children, revealing that his father had him when he was 49.

"If the situation comes to that point, I will let you know," he said.

Milby added that if he is to pop the question to his girlfriend, he will do it in a low-key fashion to respect her privacy.

"Mari doesn't like to answer questions about our relationship and the fact that I'm from showbiz is a little hard for her," he said.

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