Salma Hayek’s natural wavy hair texture is so damn beautiful

salma hayek on the red carpet with straight hair
Salma Hayek’s natural wavy hair texture is beautRich Fury - Getty Images

Salma Hayek's latest Instagram post has us Googling hair wavers on a Monday morning when we should be, well, writing this. But honestly, if we found a waver that could mimic her stunning wavy hair texture we'd be throwing our money at it faster than you can say Hayek.

Sharing the photos to her Instagram grid to mark St Patrick's Day – and wearing a very fetching green frock for the occasion – Salma was not on the Emerald Isle herself. She was instead surrounded by nature in the heart of the Mayan Forst in Mexico, and aptly went all natural herself, displaying her gorgeous wavy hair texture.

Her long dark hair is falling past her shoulders so thick and full, with the curls and waves popping from the dark mass thanks to some subtle red-brown highlights. Honestly, even if we did find a waver that could recreate this we simply do not have enough hair to come close to looking like this.

We've Googled the weather where she is, and as expected, while lovely this time of year it's also pretty humid (I mean, just look at all those thriving plants). So it makes sense not to bother with straightening or blowdrying and letting your natural texture shine. We're all for not fighting the elements and planning your hair to work with the weather, especially when your natural tresses look this bloody good!

We're done checking for universal voltage on our hair dryer, this summer we're travelling au naturale.

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