SAF's DIS partners AI Singapore to strengthen its AI capabilities

They will jointly deepen national AI expertise for Singapore’s digital defence.

Singapore Armed Forces (SAF)’s Digital and Intelligence Service (DIS) has signed a memorandum of understanding with AI Singapore (AISG) to enhance its capabilities in artificial intelligence (AI).

The DIS will leverage AISG’s industry and talent development programmes — including the 100 Experiments and AI Apprenticeship Programme (AIAP)— to expand its capacity to use advanced AI techniques, such as the use of Large Language Models and Reinforcement Learning, into SAF’s and DIS’s operations. The move is expected to enable DIS to detect and respond to the increasing digital threats in Singapore more effectively.

Besides that, the DIS will expand its course offerings for its personnel’s professional upskilling by introducing AISG’s LearnAI course.

It will also leverage AISG’s existing networks of students to sustain the data science and AI talent pipeline while supporting AISG’s mandate of growing and developing a national digital workforce. The DIS will enable national talents in AISG’s AIAP, who are undergoing AI deep-skilling, to contribute to national defence via their involvement in the various projects supporting the DIS. The DIS will also offer employment opportunities to these talents where suitable.

Moreover, AISG will share national service and career opportunities in the DIS, such as the Digital Work-Learn Scheme, with students from the AISG Student Outreach Programme.

“The DIS and AISG are working towards our common goal of strengthening digital capabilities to safeguard Singapore. The effective use of AI is crucial for the SAF’s mission success. We need to better reap the dynamic AI innovations in academia and industry and integrate them into SAF operations,” says DIS Chief Digitalisation Officer Military Expert 7 (ME7) Guo Jinghua.

He continues: “Our partnership with AISG is, therefore, an important part of our approach to leverage cutting-edge AI innovations. Beyond AI capability development, our partnership with AISG will help grow the DIS digital fighting force to defend Singapore in the digital domain and contribute to the national AI talent pipeline through various schemes as the Digital Work-Learn Scheme.”

Koo Sengmeng, head of LearnAI at AISG, says: “Our partnership with the DIS will ensure that Singapore has a robust and resilient pipeline of AI talents that have knowledge of issues related to national defence and possess the relevant expertise to protect our digital borders and safeguard Singapore. We look forward to working closely with the DIS to collectively deepen the core competencies of our next-generation Singapore Armed Forces to stay ahead of the threats of tomorrow.”

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